Shadle Consulting Services
Good Science is Good Compliance
::  Efficient Use of Limited Resources  ::
Am I using too many resources too early in clinical development?
  • We have been in your shoes in management with responsibility to meet aggressive time-lines and maintain budget.
  • Assessment of resource management, clinical requirements, and executive guidance.
  • We have assisted a variety of small and large firms to evaluate resources and find gaps in documentation, studies, and compliance. 
  • Should you out-source, or should you use internal resources?  We can provide an objective assessment.
  • Am I taking an unwise risk by deferring work?

A word from our founder:

"Hi, I’m Paula.  I would like to share my development and quality experiences and share with you that it IS a good idea to slow down, spend more money now, and avoid a refusal-to-file ... or worse... in your future."